Stone Swallows
In ancient China, these stone fossils were thought to be swallows. They are fossils, but not of swallows. They are spirifer fossils that look like a bird with its wings spread. Spirifer fossils represent mobility and swiftness, the very same ideals of Stone Swallow.

Photo source: Kiseki Museum

Stone Swallow provides strategic advice and design and development work to deliver mobile and online learning and collaboration to the tourism, government, business and education industries.

Roger Edmonds, (CEO and Creative Director) is the immediate former Manager of eSchooling Services with the Department of Education in South Australia and led the development of programs to deliver video and web-based conferencing, mobile and online learning into schools. He is regarded as an expert in online collaboration and location-based mobile learning in the Australia-Pacific region pushing the boundaries of using ICT in flexible and mobile ways.

Stone Swallow is a partner with 7scenes, a mobile technology company that has applications that link media to places to create location-based mobile adventures to play with a smart mobile device. Roger has designed and developed many of these in Adelaide, South Australia, Western Australia and New Zealand. Roger’s work in mobile and online learning has won an Excellence Award for Humanitarian Services to K-12 Education, a Brandon Hall Silver Award and the Centenary Medal of Australia.

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