Stone Swallows
In ancient China, these stone fossils were thought to be swallows. They are fossils, but not of swallows. They are spirifer fossils that look like a bird with its wings spread. Spirifer fossils represent mobility and swiftness, the very same ideals of Stone Swallow.

Photo source: Kiseki Museum

Design and development of ‘Todd’s Adelaide’ a location-based mobile story to lead people to rediscover the life and work of Sir Charles Todd. Made possible through the Community Heritage program (launch date early 2014).
Design and development of a location based mobile science adventure Who Was Johnny Green? on the mining of copper in the heritage township of Burra.
Design and development of online Moodle courses in Science, Design & Technology and Mentoring.

Design, development and delivery of a mobile science adventure There Is Still Time on endangered animals found at the Adelaide Zoo.
I was a key resource in supporting Netspot’s preparation for a LMS tender presentation / demonstration based around Moodle.
Design and delivery of six teacher-focussed workshops in using Scootle™ to access and use online learning objects and digital resources in Maths and Science education.
Professional development workshops in using Moodle 2.0 to deliver an online training course for Foster Carers.
Worked collaboratively with Alexandrina Council officers and local volunteers to conceptualize, develop and direct Council’s first mobile tourist adventure Goode’s Goolwa. Also delivered professional learning workshops to enable Council officers to continue to build and publish other mobile tourist adventures.

2007 – 2010
Squizmix works internationally with governments, organisations and programs wanting to integrate rich multimedia, online communications, social media, services and expertise to connect globally and raise awareness through education and outreach. Work has involved managing and facilitating web conferences to:

International / National Events
• International Polar Year ( IPY), 2007 – 2009
• Coast2Coast Conference 2010
• OSPAR Commission, UK and Europe
• International Polar Year, Cambridge, UK
2004 – 2010
Work involved the design, development and delivery of digital content for the Crows In Schools online educational program, facilitation of ‘live’ events and the training of AFC personnel in using web conferencing.

Design, development and facilitation of a virtual classroom pilot program to Defence personnel (Army, Navy, Airforce and Administration) with a focus on the applicability of the virtual classroom-training mode and technology as an alternative to traditional F2F training and as a compliment to existing eLearning.Work included:
• Design of content
• Leading ‘live’ sessions
• Development of an online evaluation tool

Work involved providing strategic advice, planning and professional learning workshops to key facilitators (nurse educators, OHSW officers and hospital directors) undertaking a pilot program in online education in:• Communicating in a live online environment
• Managing events, content, and  users
• Online Tools
• Designing, Adapting and Inserting Content
• Evaluations and Reporting
• Delivering live online conferences and collaboration

Design, development and delivery of an online Interactive Risk Management education program for engagement of rural doctors across Australia. This included professional learning workshops in web conferencing and digital content creation and adaption for use in an online environment including video and audio.

Work involved providing strategic advice, planning and professional learning workshops to officers delivering training by web conferencing to remote and rural communities in South Australia in:• Communicating in a live online environment
• Managing events, content, and  users
• Online Tools
• Designing, Adapting and Inserting Content
• Evaluations and Reporting
• Delivering live online conferences and collaboration

Work initially involved providing strategic advice, planning and leading professional learning workshops in online learning. This then led to the development and implementation of a blended eTraining environment for Outcomes educators to deliver workshops, meetings and lecturers to students at their workskite or home.


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