Stone Swallows
In ancient China, these stone fossils were thought to be swallows. They are fossils, but not of swallows. They are spirifer fossils that look like a bird with its wings spread. Spirifer fossils represent mobility and swiftness, the very same ideals of Stone Swallow.

Photo source: Kiseki Museum

Stone Swallow’s key areas of expertise are:

  • Location-based mobile adventures
  • Online Collaboration
  • QR codes in business and education
  • Advice on 21C innovation in online learning
  • Video production and editing

Location-based mobile adventures

Looking for a new way to deliver more engagement and interest at your location and be seen to be innovative at same time. Do you seek to create new ways for visitors to experience your towns or an event allowing its history and culture to become more visible? Perhaps you represent a museum or gallery and would like to offer visitors a new experience that enables them to enjoy the collections both inside and on location in a city.

Now is your chance!

Stone Swallow can design and develop a location-based mobile adventure which tells your story and links locations and places with rich media. And all this can be experienced from free mobile apps that work on web-enabled mobile devices. Your clients will find the experience more personal, interactive and exciting! Stone Swallow has delivered over 20 mobile adventures to education, tourism, events and entertainment

A mobile story scene under construction showing map, places, media types and tasks
(See Media Page for more examples)

Download a brochure here.

Online Collaboration

Stone Swallow can support your group or organisation to connect and collaborate both locally and globally saving you time and money on travel and reduce your carbon footprint. We can make it simple for you and your audiences to conduct effective and engaging online meetings, workshops, interviews, presentations, virtual classrooms, training and special online events. We can connect remote keynote presenters live and online across the globe to conferences, meetings and events, or you to them. Stone Swallow’s consultants have over 12 years’ experience in designing and delivering ‘live’ online collaboration solutions using web conferencing software that Gartner Inc. has positioned as Visionary in its 2010 Magic Quadrant for Web Conferencing (see below).

Live Web Conference showing video, audio, and interactive whiteboard
(see Media Pages for more examples)


QR Codes

QR codes like the one opposite can be read by smart devices with a camera and a free app that together decode its embedded information to reveal rich media which can bring engaging experiences for visitors in your galleries, conferences and events. Stone Swallow will work alongside you to:

  • Introduce QR Codes to your users in a non-intimidating way
  • Generate QR Codes of an optimal size and density so they are easy to read
  • Ensure the content you want revealed through QR codes is tangible and of significant value
  • Make your QR content mobile ready, (ie web pages are optimized for display on a mobile device)
  • Select the best available viewing conditions (eg lighting and shadows) for correct positioning of QR Codes.

We can also deliver professional development workshops to ensure that your team can continue to create and use QR codes.

 Download a brochure here. 

Advice on 21C innovation in online learning

Want to elevate the true meaning of ‘virtual’ in a ‘virtual learning program’ but are not sure how to proceed? Stone Swallow can offer strategic advice on the design of 21C online learning spaces, focussing on methods you can use to bring about solutions to the issues you want to address. Let us assist you to understand, plan and support your virtual learning environment by making it more appealing and accessible to your clients through engaging design and delivery, 21C innovative technologies and online communication.  

Video production and editing

Do you require assistance in incorporating voice-overs, video and fictional scenarios into an online resource. Stone Swallow can provide documentary services that include shooting, directing and editing for producing a video or interactive online resource.

The Gartner Magic Quadrant for Web conferencing provides guidance for organizations that are looking to implement Web conferencing solutions for cost savings, such as reduced business travel and other benefits that address concerns about archiving and compliance. It positions vendors based on their completeness of vision and ability to execute.

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