Stone Swallows
In ancient China, these stone fossils were thought to be swallows. They are fossils, but not of swallows. They are spirifer fossils that look like a bird with its wings spread. Spirifer fossils represent mobility and swiftness, the very same ideals of Stone Swallow.

Photo source: Kiseki Museum

A selection of videos produced and directed by Stone Swallow to support recent online collaboration and location-based mobile adventure projects.

Making Mobile Magic in Science
Roger Edmonds discusses location-based science mobile adventures

‘Live’ online collaboration with Saba Centra
Roger Edmonds discusses how DECS is using Saba Centra in K-12 education

Who Was Johnny Green?
Companion video to a location-based mobile adventure

A location-based mobile adventure at Goolwa
Students tell how they developed a mobile story of the history of Goolwa

There is Still Time
A location-aware mobile bioquest designed and developed by students at the Adelaide Zoo

Webinar with a Polar Scientist
Maarten Loonen presents to Australian students on polar science research

Online Delivery of Seconadary Education
David Baker talks about his use of Saba Centra and Moodle for local delivery of Chemistry

Coastal Geology
Professor Orrin Pilkey discusses coastal erosion at the 2010 Coast to Coast Conference

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